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Wooden architecture is one of the most ancient and once widely spread revelations of the human construction activities. The long history of its existence formed original constructive and imaging systems of the wooden architecture in different parts of the world.
Forms and details of the national wooden architecture monuments reflect not only peculiarities of understanding of constructing work of this natural construction material, but also the most ancient notion of cooperation between nature, society and a human being in different cultures.

At the present moment, a fast degradation of the rural environment, the last stronghold of the living traditions of the wooden architecture and concentration point of the wooden architecture monuments, has a threat of complete disappearance of this most precious part of historical and architectural heritage. Its losses are especially felt at the Russian North, known in the world as a natural preserved territory of the wooden architecture.

To experts' point of view, to keep the heritage of the wooden Russia it is necessary to make immediate decisions at the highest administrative level.2

Along that, understanding of the value of the wooden architecture heritage as a unique historical and cultural document is growing in the world. Monuments of the wooden architecture more actively accumulate activities, which help to revive and develop ethnical traditions, national consciousness and concrete patriotism.

Historical wooden buildings act as a source for ideas and images for modern architecture aimed at environmental perfection, underlining of national cultural priorities and definition of "the spirit of the place" (genius loci).

The University of Florence, Petrozavodsk State University and Ministry of Culture and Public Affairs of the Republic of Karelia invite you to take part in the conference on the wooden architecture. Its aim is to discuss the meaning of traditions and monuments of the wooden architecture in the culture of the modern society, exchange experience in research activities, keeping and restoration of wooden buildings, cultural heritage management and using it in tourist or other activities.